Celebrating 60 years: Allsops keys to successes

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Sheet Metal Manufacturer, and Made in Yorkshire member, Allsops, is celebrating 60-years in business. The sheet metal manufacturing company has been operating since  1959 and is now operating a 150-strong workforce from an 84,000 sq. ft. premises based in West Yorkshire.

We asked Managing Director, Robert Machon, what the three biggest keys to Allsops 60-years worth of success were and he responded saying that the companies willingness and ability to adapt, having a constant constant high-quality product and ensuring that the company has the best systems in place, where all vital.

In Roberts own words, “Firstly, adapting to the market, we used to supply lighting and retail mainly, now we are supplying everything from large payment kiosks, airport scanners, military vehicle parts, large oil tanks for the North Sea, and large vacuum systems going out to Germany & China."

Secondly, ensuring quality and first sign off with our customers before batch manufacturing. Lastly, whilst we are not the cheapest, we don’t want to be, because we offer account management and the quality system and checks designed to match the needs of our customers."

We followed up by asking what the biggest challenges faced by Allsops over the past 60 years have been. In response,  Robert signalled the fluctuating price of steel as the biggest challenge, saying; “At times it has been very challenging especially with the price of steel fluctuating. We have just had to offer re-manufactured products to keep our customer competitive in their market. It’s all about change and adapting our skills to improve our customer's products.”

Despite the issue of fluctuating price, the companies value of quality is something that's always been held up, both by the companies success and the fact that Allsops recently won a Silver Award for being a top-quality supplier in multiple world-wide regions last year. 

Asked why Allsops won the award, Robert believed that the close connection that Allsops has with its customers was a vital reason as to why the company won the award, saying;  “Working with the customer to leaner manufacture their products, looking at design options that work better for our manufacturing set up, hence offering the customer a better price in the long-term multiple batch manufacturing. We have a team that just focus on this, visiting our customers offering this service.”

You can read more about Allsops, and the services they provide over on their website. Simply click on this link to be taken to their Made in Group microsite.